Pintail’s first app is a wallet, which is connected both to your loved ones and your community, all day every day, And, many other services are planned. Currently, you can send money to your friends in France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Spain or your family in Morocco at very attractive prices and withdraw money at any Cash Plus branch.

Pintail’s prices are among the lowest on the market, and we keep exchange rates to a minimum.


Sender in Europe

Pintail within Europe Flat fee €0.05
Transfer to Morocco Flat fee €2.00
Membership fee First three months = FREE
€ 1.00 per year thereafter
Currency conversion Very attractive rate

Receiver in Morocco


Receiving of Transfer Free
Membership fee First three months = FREE
MAD 10.00 per year thereafter
Cash-out fee Local charge only; at a very attractive Price