Discover our financial services, starting with transfers

How to send money

  1. Open your Pintail account
  2. Select your recipient’s mobile number
  3. Choose the amount and send the money

How to receive money

  1. Open your Pintail account
  2. Wait for the transfer notification
  3. Pick-up the cash at one of our partners

Your loved ones back home have never been so close.


Our international banking platform operates with the most advanced technologies, justifying its leading position with over 600 installations worldwide over the last 15 years. The Pintail application uses continuous encryption, 2-step authentication, and runs on a proprietary network.

Nothing is more important than the security of our customer’s data.



Pintail is a financial institution exclusively built for international clientele. We provide adaptable services depending on the specific needs of each continent where it operates, meaning each product and solution gives its users a tailor-made experience. Pintail is a new type of financial institution, offering a social network designed especially for its customers. An institution whose one vocation is to solve the problems of its customers in concrete terms.

We aim to serve each customer as an individual with our tailor-made services.



Pintail does not intend to maximize profit. Our effectiveness is only judged by our ability to financially integrate the men and women across the globe who usually do not have access to either bank accounts, or financial services. We are supported by many ethical organizations and institutions, such as the International Organization for Migration and the World Bank. Our other financial partners include a leading bank and a renowned insurer and we are fully regulated.

There have never been so many reasons to trust a new financial institution.



Providing tailor-made services involves knowing one’s customers. That is why we see each one of them as a partner who participates in the development and testing procedures of our new products and services. Through our loyalty program, we also encourage our customers to become our ambassadors, thus obliging us to strive for optimal quality.

Working for but especially together with our customers.


Together let’s build the future of financial services for everyone